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Market segments with growth potential

Together we will look for and engage market segments with strong growth potential and enter those markets before saturation.

If you already know what you'd like us to import then Contact Us otherwise...

Lets work together, share resources and brainstorm to find the best import segments. We will research trends, study history and get an idea of where the market will be in 5 years time.

Companies should be built for the future. We cannot build our companies based on the past or even the present. We have to ask ourselves where we see the market in 5 years time and look to enter these niches early on.

High quality manufacturers & products

We will introduce you to high quality manufacturers and find the best quality products for us to import.

Electronic equipment like power banks, electric motors, heating and insulation.

Consumer electronics is one of the biggest markets right now with mobile phones, accessories, smart watches and bluetooth headsets.

There are Commercial & Office Electronics like conferencing systems, copiers, fax machines, printer, cartridge and paper, smart cards plus card readers, paper shredders, office electronics, clock and watches, all in one copier, printer and fax machines.

Top quality import & distribution services

Let us take away your worries and handle all aspects of the import process as well as getting the goods to your branches safe and sound.

Importing can be a complicated process but we are here to make the process smoother. From researching the legality of the imported goods, to conducting due diligence when visiting the suppliers. Let us take you step by step through the process.

We will negotiate with the supplier for you and obtain any necessary business licences and required business visa's.

We will assist with the budgeting process, vat and other import tax calculations.

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